AquaForce™ 30XA Series Air Cooled Screw Chillers

Manufactured in Carrier Gurgaon India Factory
Capacity Range: 278kW – 1518kW

Key Features
  • Highly Energy Efficient Design

    Full load COP – 3.2
    IPLV – 4.4

  • Reliable Screw Compressors

    Carrier’s own ‘06T’ semi-hermetic compressor
    Patented Line-design rotors & microprocessor control
    Capable to operate at 550C outdoor air temperature
    Exceptional endurance test
    Variable capacity slide valve

  • In-built Redundancy

    Multiple refrigerant circuits
    Multiple electrical circuits

  • Quiet Operation

    Patented ‘Flying Bird’ condenser fans – No intrusive low-frequency noise
    Patented rigid fan mounting – Prevents start-up noise
    Patented compressor design – Discharge dampers integrated in oil separator
    V-shape coils with open angle – Allows quieter air flow across coils

  • Environmentally Sustainable

    HFC-134a with zero ozone depletion potential
    Leak tight refrigerant circuits

  • Quick & Easy Installation

    Simplified electrical and hydronic victaulic connections
    Factory-charged refrigerant & oil

  • Value Added Optional Solutions

    Blygold PoluAl – Improved corrosion resistance and enhances coil life by 5-6 times*.
    Pre-treated Gold Fin – Improves corrosion resistance and enhances coil life by 2-3 times*.
    Medium Brine – Suitable for low temperature applications.
    Compressor Sound Enclosure – Overall power sound attenuation of 2-3dB (A).
    IP54 Protection – Protection against dust deposit and splashed water, suitable for dusty environments and heavy rainfall climates.

    *The results are subject to ASTM B117 test conditions