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Air Cooled Scroll Chiller(30 RA)

30RA040A~160A Cooling Capacity : 39.4~157kw

Key Features
  • High efficient scroll compressor with only three moving parts ensures quiet and reliable      operation.
  • The first aircooled chiller specially optimized for R 470C ensures high efficiency and environment      friendly.
  • Zeotropic refrigerant with brazed counter flow plate heat exchangers ensures no compromise on     performance.
  • The second generation of carrier patented "Flying Bird " fan with two speed motor makes the     chiller operation quieter
  • Unit-integrated hydraulic module,including all the necessary elements for its operation,such as     waterpump,filter,safety valve,expansion tank,guage,air vent ,flow switch and flow regulator     makes the installation of unit easier and faster.
  • Wide operation envelope : from 10°c to 46°c.
  • Dual pump and high head pump optional.