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40HK – Hydronic Cassette

Capacity Range: 510 m3/h – 2550 m3/h

Key Features
  • Efficient Design

    Auto fan mode – Saves energy - Fan speed toggles basis difference between room temp & set temp
    Hydrophilic blue fins – Enhanced coil performance with no accumulation of condensate water
    High performance condensate drain pump – Suitable for high lift distance up to 750 mm
    Superior heat exchange efficiency with sine-wave fins & inner grooved copper tubes
    Engineered to provide quiet & comfortable ambience

  • User-friendly Operation
    Auto restart function – No setting change required while restoring from power cut
    Auto timer – Sets auto On/Off timer as per user’s requirement
    Uniform cooling & 4-way directional airflow with motorized louvers
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance

    Self-diagnosis – Quick understanding & resolution of faults with appropriate error code display
    Removable grill & fan make installation & maintenance easy

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

    Dry mode – Quick moisture removal in case of humid & sultry surroundings
    Fresh air renewal – Eliminates staleness from air by mixing outside fresh air with supply air in room