42CE – Fan Coil Units

Manufactured in Carrier Gurgaon India Factory
Capacity Range: 510 m3/h – 2380 m3/h

Key Features
  • Reliable & Energy Efficient Design

    Designed to deliver well-insulated performance measuring up the international standard under the most
    abominable sweat conditions
    30 Pa standard external static pressure
    Efficient heat transfer with Aluminum lanced sine- wave fin coil with Copper tube

  • Exemplary Compact Design

    Low height – Only 241 mm – Saves false ceiling height requirement
    Compact length with auxiliary pan – Allows utilization of narrower space like doorways
    Best choice for new construction & retrofit projects

  • Ultra-tranquil Design

    Low speed DIDW centrifugal forward curved fan with specially designed motor
    Additional acoustic insulation

  • Easy & Quick Installation

    Interchangeable flexibility of return air plenum from rear to bottom, at site
    Factory-fitted return air plenum nylon filter
    Factory-fitted auxiliary G.I. drain pan to collect condensate from valve package

  • Value Added Optional Solutions

    Stainless steel auxiliary drain pan
    Unit suitable for 50 Pa external static pressure
    Control valve package with 2/3 way valve; ball valve at inlet & outlet & strainer at inlet