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Floor Mounted AHUs (39 G Floor Mounted AHU's)

Key Features
  • Standard air handling units: multistandard function combinations available for designers and customers to choose based on the actual requirements.
  • Double skin panel with thermo- isolation of PU foam : 20 mm thick foam panel features light weight,good rigidity and low thermo conductivity.
  • New type sealing material : Air leakage is minimized by the new type sealing material combined with specially designed aluminium alloy frame.
  • Bottom drain piping : All the condensates from the water pan are drained completely though bottom drain piping.
  • External coils drainage valve : the external drainage valve is equipped at the lowest point of colis  for complete drainage and guarding against freezing.
  • Airfoil damper : Gear driven airfoil can be opened and closed freely,and electric acutator can be  implemented if necessary
  • Unit fundament: each section is equipped with a fundamental for strength improvement ,making transportation and assembly easier.