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Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller(19 XR)

19XR200 - 1500 Cooling Capacity 703 KW to 5275 KW

Key Features
  • Designed specially for chlorine-free refrigerant HFC-134a for high efficiency operation.
  • High efficient single -stage compressor results in less moving parts and more reliable operation.
  • Latest carrier super heat transfer tubes with enhanced heat transfer performance.
  • ASME Class Heat exchangers – Designed to withstand pressure 3 times greater than the vessel’s relief pressure.
  • Carrier patented Accumeter flow adjusting systems ensures chiller's good part load performance.
  • PIC II ICVC control system with Chinese character display for simplified operation & reliable performance
  • Starting Methods

    a) Unit Mounted / Free Standing Low voltage Wye Delta / Solid State starter available.

    b) Carrier Latest Liquiflo 2 VFD with inbuilt harmonic filter available from 200 TR to 800 TR.
  • Pic II ICVC control system with carrier comfort Network(CCN) for group control.